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Once you’ve set up and optimized your social media advertising campaigns, you’ll need to dive into the analytics of your social media ads—their clicks, impressions, clickthrough rate, and more—to get a full picture of how each ad is performing. Want to make it easy to check in on social ads? We’ll set up automated social reports so you’ll always know the performance levels of your active social ads.

It’s nearly impossible to know how efficient and cost-effective your social investment is without tracking progress against goals and competitors. That’s why we’ll provide in-depth social analytics and reporting to each client. Working with Champ, you’ll gain valuable insight into the key motivators of your target audience specific to each platform, honing your social strategy to meet the wants and needs of your brand’s potential customers. 

What is Campaign Tracking?

Campaign Tracking is a feature which enables you to log marketing campaign details when linking to your website online. This can help you track the exact impact of your marketing campaigns. It reveals things like, how much traffic they are bringing in, how engaged those visitors are, and whether the campaign is resulting in sales or not.

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